Newton Associates
We create magic by turning Technology Problems into Solutions
Hi and Welcome to our website, where we explain how we meet the needs of our clients... who are people just like you...
  • Private individuals or business owners with computers in need of "tender loving care" to bring them up to speed again (...functioning as required in order to do useful work);
  • Need help in acquiring new equipment but don't understand "GEEK" talk enough to know what to buy.
Come to our SHOP (OFFICE) or we will come to you to discuss your needs in such areas as networks, workstations, server, CLOUD Computing, or even help you select the best LINE of BUSINESS software...
Contact us by phone, email, text, private message by Twitter/Facebook...
[Don 260-760-6348 -]
[David 260-760-6356 -
5070W 700S, Linn Grove, IN  46769
>>>>>Middle of Downtown Linn Grove...
David BUSY at a client's business installing a new small business server , doing some network wiring, and installing a new wireless access point... ALL IN A DAYS WORK
David READY for WORK
As Intel Technology Providers, We Recommend a Visit to the Intel
Product Showcase
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  • For Computer System Repair of all types on all Brands of Computers
  • Build Computer Systems and Servers making use of the training received as members of the Intel Technology Provider Program (Gold Status)
  • Sell computers, laptops, tablets, all-in-ones, and servers
Pictures of us a work... At client sites... Some of our clients... Building Workstations