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We create magic by turning Technology Problems into Solutions
Hi and Welcome to our website, where we explain how we meet the needs of our clients... who are people just like you...
  • Private individuals or business owners with computers in need of "tender loving care" to bring them up to speed again (...functioning as required in order to do useful work);
  • Need help in acquiring new equipment but don't understand "GEEK" talk enough to know what to buy.
Come to our SHOP (OFFICE) or we will come to you to discuss your needs in such areas as networks, workstations, server, CLOUD Computing, or even help you select the best LINE of BUSINESS software...
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David BUSY at a client's business installing a new small business server , doing some network wiring, and installing a new wireless access point... ALL IN A DAYS WORK
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As Intel Technology Providers, We Recommend a Visit to the Intel
Product Showcase
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  • For Computer System Repair of all types on all Brands of Computers
  • Build Computer Systems and Servers making use of the training received as members of the Intel Technology Provider Program (Gold Status)
  • Sell computers, laptops, tablets, all-in-ones, and servers
What is your Ecosystem Like?

Here are some examples of recommended service implementations...

  1. Technology Consulting
    Most often the only way to get from where you are to where you want to be is to ask for help (or get directions), so we can do that for you. Please feel free to stop by our office at My-Tech-Shop in Linn Grove, or if it is more convenient we can come out for an on-site assessment. You will find that we are capable of providing more information than you really need right now... but learning is a process consisting of finding a path, simple, clear, and safe on all sides, to keep us on the path to discovery. Once we arrive at an understanding of the scope of technology available to us, we can better appreciate the need for a trusted GUIDE. We hope you will find us the TRUSTED GUIDE you need for taking your computing infrastructure to the next level.
  2. Workstation Design
    Personal Computers are smaller (use less desktop space), consume less energy, run quieter, more powerful, and run desktop APPS faster than the previous generations. When we explain to a client that their next personal computer is the size of a pack of chewing gum, they are incredulous... but computer miniaturization is the trend. Selecting the right components for a computer build, requires preparation acquired through in depth training, which is provided to us as members of the INTEL TECHNOLOGY PROVODER PROGRAM. The INTEL NUC and COMPUTE STICK both use INTEL mainboards, while ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE use INTEL Processors and Chipsets. We select the components for your next PC, not just a computer out of a manufacturer's catalog for resale.
  3. Microsoft Office 365 Setup - email, Skype, Sharepoint
    Microsoft Office 365 is your office anywhere, consisting of email, Skype for Business, One Drive for Business, SharePoint., and Office Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook). We were implementing BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) before Microsoft changed the name to Office 365. Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in data centers around the world, and continues to develop Office 365. Office 365 is SAAS (Software as a Service), offered in various PLANS, on a per user subscription basis. As Microsoft Registered Partners, we TRAIN in all aspects of implementing this service, will lead you through the process of purchasing a CUSTOM DOMAIN, and help you select the right PLAN. Setup and training rounds out our offering to our clients.
  4. Windows 10, Intune, and Azure
    Microsoft states Windows 10 is the last operating system, because it runs on everything from servers, to desktops, mobile devices, to the Internet of Things. UPDATING a PC to Windows 10 may not be the best to try yourself... so having it professionally installed at our shop (My-Tech-Shop) is recommended. For our small business clients with a subscription to Office 365 that includes INTUNE, we setup Intune to REMOTELY manage their PCs. For clients without a server running AD, we setup single sign-on to AZURE AD for easy access to SharePoint, One Drive, and Skype for Business. Having a company CALENDAR with your employee's entries on it (including REAL PRESENCE) makes working as a TEAM possible, leading to gains in productivity without the STRESS.
  5. Off-Site Data Backup for Disaster Recovery
    Our CLOUD DATA RECOVERY SERVICE is actually a DATA RECOVERY service, not just an OFFSITE BACKUP SERVICE. Why... because DATA at REST on the Offsite Servers is continually checked and verified to insure that it is what was originally sent. This mean you are assured of RECOVERING exactly what was sent. Most people don't test their local backup sets to verify integrity, so without this step, there is no guarantee the restore will even work. We have solutions that scale up for companies with the requirement for a rapid recovery onsite appliance that works in conjunction with the offsite servers. Our redundant data centers are located in South Dakota which, due to their location, are safe from devastating earthquakes, for instance. Call for an expert assessment and quote.
  6. Onsite Break-Fix and Emergency Service
    Even with the emergence in recent years of REMOTE COMPUTER MONITORING, we are firm believers in the need for an ONSITE HIGH-TOUCH component. Going onsite once a month to check each computer is well worth it when your consider the expense of employee downtime and the added frustration employees experience when they are expected to work normally with SLOW or CRASHING computers. Also, there are emergencies caused by the internet being down, can't access the server, or the WAP is down... we are available to come onsite to troubleshoot any issue you and your staff are experiencing. There have been instances when employees have called TS to resolve an issue themselves (a good practice), but which we have resolved talking to the same TS person. Please CALL...